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Planning to Pack is Super, Super HARD & STRESSFUL!

Hi, so I’m graduating a semester early, which means next semester is the last few months in New York. Yup, I’m moving back to Hawaii (because why not?)! I’ll miss it here in NYC, but I’m super stoked to go back home and start my life. Do I have a plan for the future? Not really. I’m WAY more concerned about how I’m moving all my crap back.

So, I’m going to blog about it. Maybe you guys can learn something from my struggles and my mistakes.

  • I first started my packing plan by going on a purge. I know it seems morbid, but it’ll make everything easier that way. I feel that when you’re moving across the country, you should do this. It’s really simple if you can discipline yourself or find someone who can knock away that separation anxiety to your things.
  • Then, I took an inventory of all the things I have. Not to the exact detail, but I was pretty exact for my clothes and bigger office items, like my printer.
  • Next, I sorted what made most sense to store and what I should take home with me, which I recorded on a sheet of paper.
  • Then, I deeply thought about what I should keep at home and what I should bring back to the city. Again, I just recorded that, but if you make a mental note I don’t see why it would be hard to remember it.
  • Oh my gosh so many thinking processes I know! We’re not don, yet. I, then, mapped out the logistics of how all this is moving is going down. I planned to take one big suitcase home & keep it there. I’ll use the other big suitcase, my duffle bag, and my two carry on to pack the rest of my stuff.
  • It’s also wise to come up with a list of what you’re going to give away/sell/donate. Although I’m hopeful that some of my vintage finds and bigger office supplies will sell, I’m sort of sure no one will want to buy it.
  • Packing techniques are essential. I suggest you browse ways of tucking, folding, and rolling your clothes.
  • That’s pretty much it so far. I still have to figure out if I need to ship some things back (probably will have to), but I’ll worry about that when I’m packing to go back home.