Last week, I got my hair cut. It’s been getting so long and I really wanted to start getting rid of my ombre. So, I made a last minute appointment at Nelly’s Hair and Nail Salon in South Ferry.

It took a while to ride the 1 there, but the hair salon was just up the street from the ferry dock. I would like to go the ferry one day, maybe when my friends who are coming from Chicago will enjoy a trip to Staten Island. The ferry is free, so I will definitely be trying that soon.

You have to walk up one set of stairs to get to the salon. It’s open, clean, and very simple. It’s not high end, lots of wood, and it’s small. There are not that many people working and not that many chairs. It reminded me of home and I liked the atmosphere. The ladies were super nice and focused on your hair, so it wasn’t just all gabbing.


They had a GroupOn thing going on. You get your hair washed, cut, and a blow out for $29.00. It’s such a great deal and you don’t have to buy the coupon. You could just call up and they’ll honor it.

The hair wash was an experience. It was nice, but they wrapped my head in plastic and left me under the hair dryer for a while. The lady who washed my hair, just left. They were a little short staff, so I wasn’t mad, but that lady literally just left me. I didn’t see her until my hair was done.

It was a very fast hair cut. Like, the fastest I’ve ever had. I asked to get a angled lob (long bob) with a side part. I didn’t bring a picture and I don’t know why I asked for an angled bob, but I think my hairdresser picked up on my hesitation. The angle was just a slight angle. Not even worth calling an angle, but I’m not complaining. I really wanted a simple straight cut.

I’m so sure that if I wanted an angled bob, she would have given my angles for days!!!. The blow out was nice. My hair was really shiny, soft, and I felt like a goddess!

My hair smelled super good, too. MY SELFIE LOOKED SO BOMB. I never take selfies, because I don’t have that awesome talent, so this was super awesome.

I love my new hair cut and Nelly’s was a great place!