Uncomfortable Topics for You & Your S/O

  1. Jealousy
    • Building trust is SO important. You and your partner should talk about what makes you jealous and set up some ground rules. Both must be open minded and willing to compromise. Also, construct a reasonable justification for why something makes your jealous or why you don’t see an act worth being jealous over. I recommend watching those BuzzFeed videos where other couples do that, so you can see from an outsider’s point of view and maybe you’ll learn something from it.
  2. Types of cheating
    • There are many types of cheating, depending on your definition. There are officially two types: Emotional and Physical. Emotional cheating is when you’re disconnected from your relationship and seek out those emotions from someone else. You don’t physically cheat, but possible symptoms are flirting, only telling the other person your problems, or constantly thinking about the other person. Physical cheating is self explanatory.
  3. Intentions/Expectations/Future
    • This can get a bit deep and for most couples, this should come later on in the relationship. But this is just to get an idea of where the relationship is leading to. For me, I want marriage. I expect the guy that I’m dating to want to eventually take our relationship to the next levels and hopefully it’ll lead to matrimony, so I’m very open about it beforehand. Don’t pressure and obviously take it as slow as you want. But having everything out in the open and clarified will help the both of you know what you want from each other.
  4. Needs & wants
    • Everyone has needs and wants that should be satisfied by the other person. It can be emotional, physical, spiritual, etc. Being open about this will help your partner understand you more and vice versa. I suggest that you two should take the language of love test to see what types of behavior resonates love the best for you.
  5. Beliefs & Values
    • Do I need to explain this?
  6. Skeletons in your closet
    • Of course, take your time with this one. But it’s smart to be as open as possible with your partner. It’s also considerate to be honest about yourself and your past, because I mean how rude would it be to have them find out something about you from someone else? If you think about it, your significant other should know more about you than most people outside of the relationship. Plus, if you put yourself in their shoes, if your significant other have the same secrets, wouldn’t you want to know about them? PSA: don’t pressure the other person to spill the beans.