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Words of Encouragement

Dear readers,

There comes a time when your moral hits low and you feel like staring at your laptop screen instead of finishing what needs to be done. Especially for students (unless you’re one of the super few), you hit this mood maybe once or twice in a week. It’s a harsh world out there and there aren’t many signs that show hope. I’m in the same boat as well. Sometimes, I question if I’m truly doing my best and using all the resources available to me properly.

Enjoy the little victories in life. That’s the whole point of this blog, is to enjoy the simple things around you! Life may seem bleak, questionable, and scary. But it does have glimpses of beauty that you should maybe spend more time paying attention to.

Breathe. You need to breathe. Our world is going to keep on progressing and moving forward, no matter how unready you are. So, breathe and take the time you need to calm down. Don’t take your time, just make it happen. Go on a walk, have a good cry, a run, a bike ride, eat, take a short nap, and so on. You can’t think well when your mind and emotions are in shambles.

Pray. If you’re religious, like me, just give all your struggles to the Lord. You won’t get an overnight miracle or God might throw you half of one. But for me, I feel much better when I pray for sanity, strength, and a peaceful mind. #jesustakethewheel

Persevere. Even the brightest stars have their bad days. Everyone is susceptible to a slump. This is the chance to build up your perseverance. It makes you grow thicker skin. It makes you humble. It makes you even more driven. But most importantly, it makes you appreciate the little things.

Last but not least, repeat this to yourself: You’re worthy. You have potential. You are alive and going to thrive.

Best of luck to you and comment below if you want more posts like this!


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