DIY Quick Fix for Damaged Chargers

Last month, I bought my roommate’s 2012 MacBook Pro just in case I need to use Photoshop. I know that it’s slower, heavier, and second hand, but it does the work. However, her charger was a little rinky dink. It wasn’t broken, but the plastic that protects all the wires was breaking off. I didn’t have electric tape on me, so I looked up different ways to repair it and found this DIY on BuzzFeed. It’s this simple knot friendship bracelet wrap around the charger.

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  • Embroidery floss
    • You need about 3 of these bad boys for a Apple laptop charger
    • Different colors will make a cool effect, but monochromatic is cool, too.
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
How to Knot

For those who are unfamiliar with friendship bracelets, it’s super easy to do.

First, lay the charger flat on a table and tie a knot to anchor the floss.


Second, get the long end and make it diagonal to the charger wire.

Third, put your pointer finger right next to the floss and use the other hand to pull the floss the opposite direction, so that it’ll wrap around your pointer finger. It should look like you’re making a ‘4’ with the floss and charger wire.


Fourth, wrap the end of the floss around the wire and through the hole, then tug tight. Congrats you made your first knot!

*To make spiral effect, you have to make an effort to tug floss to move knot*

How to Add On

With the new floss, tie a knot next to the last knot you made. Make sure you include that extra floss in that knot. Then, you’ll continue to wrap knot the rest of the charger until the little bit of floss is completely under the new floss.

How to Finish

Double knot and add a bit of craft glue on the end to secure it!


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