Adventures in Soho

Last weekend,  my roommates and my two high school classmates embarked on a mission to try Eileen’s cheesecakes. My roommate is the one who discovered this little gem after watching a YouTube video about the 23 amazing flavors they have!

We first went to Sweet Greens, this really tasty salad place. I’ve ordered from there before, but for my bosses at the time, so I never tried it before. I had the Kale Cesar Salad, which was perfection! There wasn’t too much dressing, a hint of lime juice, and the parmesan chips was HEAVEN!

It’s sort of hard to find, but it’s really close to Jack’s Wife Freida’s Kitchen and right across the street form Eileen’s.

After our wonderful lunch, it was time to have some cheesecake! I thought that we were going to have to stand in a super long line, since it was featured on a popular YouTube page, but it wasn’t. There was a group of people outside, but that was part of a food tour group. It’s a super small place, a little rinky dinky. It’s a more upscale version of a “hole in the wall”, which my favorite type of restaurant to go to.

The cheesecakes are so small. It’s not a slice, it’s a mini cheesecake. It’s super cute and great for an individual. It tastes like a dream. It’s not super rich, the crust is thin, and it wasn’t super sweet. I had the Raspberry and my old classmate got the s’mores. The other girls got marbled, strawberry, and something else. I’m definitely coming back for my birthday!

Next, we walked around SoHo, because my roommate had to take pictures of her outfit for her blog. I love getting lost in SoHo.

It’s super trendy, nice, and so posh! There are also a lot of cute puppies walking around! I love going inside the boutiques and vintage pop up stores.


My new favorite shop to look at is LF. It’s super expensive, but some really cute/sexy stuff. I found this silver maxi, sateen, double slit, on the bias dress. It’s my dream dress. I wish I found this shop when I was in high school, because it’s perfect for prom. I might get married in it, I don’t know.



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