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Adventures at the World Trade Center

This last weekend, my roommate and I explored the World Trade Center shopping center, which is in the Southern part of Manhattan. I’ve visited the new World Trade Center building before and it’s extremely beautiful. Indoors is all white, marble, glass, and extremely secure. The mall is located in the Oculus just outside of it.

The Oculus is this magnificently designed building. It’s full of luxury brands, and like the new World Trade Center, it’s entirely white and secure. I passed by 10 security guards and two patrolling army men. Is it intimidating? Not really.


Since it was close to closing time, we didn’t get to visit all the shops. We first first visited Kate Spade, which was glorious. Then, I saw & Other Stories, which is the high end branch of H&M. Compared to the other shops in the Oculus, & Other Stories was affordable. Lastly, we came across a high end candy shop, Sugarfina.

Sugarfina is like heave for my 6 year-old self. The packaging is so cute and you can buy these adorable gift sets or bento boxes. Surprisingly, they have a decent candy assortment that were either made in the US or in Europe. Their top selling candy is the champagne marshmallows. They’re not available in New York anymore, so you have to make a stop at their LA store to get some of this delicious golden fluff.


I bought the Bella Rosa. These are the tastiest and cutest candies I’ve ever had. It’s made from rose water and has a strong floral taste. It’s not too over powering and it’s not too sweet. If you like Turkish delight, then you’ll like Bella Rosa.


My roommate got the champagne gummi bears. They’re non-alcoholic, but according to her, they taste good.

Tip: If you ask nicely or charm the manager, you can sample some of their candies. That’s how I got around to buying Bella Rosa. Kindness pays off!

I’m not a big fan of going to memorials, because it’s so sad. But I finally got around to the North and South World Trade Center memorials. To me, the best way to see them is at night, when they turn the lights on in the pool, because it gives a warmer and happier vibe. If you’re short and you don’t have a selfie stick, forget about getting a nice pic.


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