This week, my roommate/friend, JJ, suggested that my other roommate/friend, Vicky, and I should check out Photoville. It’s this cool photography expo thing. You learn more photography techniques and get to meet photographers. It makes me cringe to think that I didn’t need my camera this semester!

Located under the belly of the Brooklyn Bridge, this was a photograph-fanatic’s and hipster’s delight!


There were these Mason shipping containers that had featured various artists, themes, and schools. It was cool to see the creativity and emotion in each exhibit. There was, of course, (a tasteful) nude exhibit. There was even one that featured pitbulls withe flower crowns!


My favorite exhibit was a collection of the late Bill Cunningham’s New York Times column. It was so cool to see the progression of fashion and how he styled his column. Some were strictly color and trends. Several were humorous pieces where he made fun of low hanging pants or a bunch of people wearing the same thing.


There were also a bunch of camera companies and photographers that held seminars or booths to help you take better pictures.

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