Embroidery Card

If you’re like me, you like mailing cards. You really, really like it. It’s pretty much the highlight of your month to send a card to someone. Is it the thoughtfulness of giving a card that gets me or…what? I’m not sure, but I really like doing it and it makes other people feel special. I also like making my letters more personable, so I’ll doodle something or write a dry joke. But, I decided to use my new embroidery skills and make something very special for my brother and his new wife! But first this is first…

  • Cardstock paper or thicker paper
    • For the actual card
  • Regular paper
    • Folder or printer paper
  • Embroidery floss
    • Go crazy with the colors
  • Needle
    • Dull or sharp
  • Cork board or cardboard
  • Thumb tack or anything pointy
  • Scissors
  • Glue
    • Stick or Elmers



Step 1:

Find a design or create your own

  • If you like my design, you can find a pattern below.
  • I created my design on Word, then printed it out

Step 2:

Match that design on top of your card stock, then poke holes!

  • I suggest that you tape the design down on the cardboard or cork board. NOT ON THE CARD STOCK
  • Decide which side is the right or wrong side
    • Right side = Where you want the embroidery to show
    • Wrong side = The other side of the paper, a.k.a the messy side that you want to hide.


Step 3:

Prepare your embroidery floss by separating the yarns in half, then stick it through the eye of the needle.

  • If you haven’t worked with embroidery floss, it’s six strands of yarn intertwined together. Six is too much, so just grab three strands and separate it.
  • Eye of the needle is that hole where you string the string.

Step 4:

Start back stitching your design!!!

  • Find my guide to back stitching here.
  • Do one color at a time
    • I started with the light pink. Then, I did the dark pink. Thirdly, I finished the emerald green. Lastly, I did the lime green

Step 5:

Write your message now

  • If you’re going to follow what I’m doing, then you want to do this before you glue
  • If you don’t need to glue anything down to cover the wrong side, then skip to step #7.

Step 6:

Fold the card stock hot dog (vertically) (or hamburger (horizontally) and glue it down.

  • Because my paper was too thin, I had to glue down the other side to strengthen it.
  • I also wanted to cover the wrong side

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  • Due to my design, I had to sew a frame on the bottom.


Step 7:

Address it, stamp it, mail it

Hope you guys enjoy this and send it to someone special, like your parents, who deserve it. I suggest that you use different hues of colors to make it really pop. I used light pink, dark pink, lime green, and emerald green to give it some depth.


My card design:



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