Adventure in Brooklyn

The first weekend of September, Refinery 29 opened a 29 room interactive art exhibit in Brooklyn and I was dying to go with my friends. However, it was the hottest day of the year and the line wrapped around the building twice! Obviously, we were like…

No way, Jose!


So, we ditched the art exhibit and started to explore around the area. This isn’t my first time in Brooklyn, but it’s such a huge borough and there are so many other parts to have adventures in! And even though we didn’t get in 29 Rooms, Brooklyn is filled with a bunch of street art. So, Brooklyn is basically a 100 something street art exhibit.

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We first had brunch at Tutu’s. It’s a tiny place with a bar and a few booths. The food was really good, pretty expensive, but what can you expect from a brunch spot in Brooklyn? I ordered the crab cake Benedict. It was really delicious, kind of pricey, but delightful.

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We stopped by two vintage-ish shops. Beacon’s Closet and some other small Co-Op. Loved the variety in Beacon’s and we actually found some real vintage clothing. You know, from the 60s and 70s. Everything was decently priced, but I’m a bargain kind of a girl. Almost got a $18.00 Club Monaco denim jacket, though!

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We grabbed iced coffee from Swallow Cafe. There was nothing special about this place other than it had overpriced coffee. My iced latte was $6.00. I couldn’t believe it. But it did it’s job, so whatever, I guess. The good side out of this purchase was my revelation about sweetening all my iced coffee with honey. It’s purely divine!


Lastly, my friends oped for a photo shoot with the street art as their back drop. I was the bag lady, haha! I just feel uncomfortable in front of the cameras. I’m much more of a creative director and proved it by telling the girls how to pose.

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