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Planning to Pack is Super, Super HARD & STRESSFUL!

Hi, so I’m graduating a semester early, which means next semester is the last few months in New York. Yup, I’m moving back to Hawaii (because why not?)! I’ll miss it here in NYC, but I’m super stoked to go back home and start my life. Do I have a plan for the future? Not really. I’m WAY more concerned about how I’m moving all my crap back.

So, I’m going to blog about it. Maybe you guys can learn something from my struggles and my mistakes.

  • I first started my packing plan by going on a purge. I know it seems morbid, but it’ll make everything easier that way. I feel that when you’re moving across the country, you should do this. It’s really simple if you can discipline yourself or find someone who can knock away that separation anxiety to your things.
  • Then, I took an inventory of all the things I have. Not to the exact detail, but I was pretty exact for my clothes and bigger office items, like my printer.
  • Next, I sorted what made most sense to store and what I should take home with me, which I recorded on a sheet of paper.
  • Then, I deeply thought about what I should keep at home and what I should bring back to the city. Again, I just recorded that, but if you make a mental note I don’t see why it would be hard to remember it.
  • Oh my gosh so many thinking processes I know! We’re not don, yet. I, then, mapped out the logistics of how all this is moving is going down. I planned to take one big suitcase home & keep it there. I’ll use the other big suitcase, my duffle bag, and my two carry on to pack the rest of my stuff.
  • It’s also wise to come up with a list of what you’re going to give away/sell/donate. Although I’m hopeful that some of my vintage finds and bigger office supplies will sell, I’m sort of sure no one will want to buy it.
  • Packing techniques are essential. I suggest you browse ways of tucking, folding, and rolling your clothes.
  • That’s pretty much it so far. I still have to figure out if I need to ship some things back (probably will have to), but I’ll worry about that when I’m packing to go back home.

Uncomfortable Topics for You & Your S/O

  1. Jealousy
    • Building trust is SO important. You and your partner should talk about what makes you jealous and set up some ground rules. Both must be open minded and willing to compromise. Also, construct a reasonable justification for why something makes your jealous or why you don’t see an act worth being jealous over. I recommend watching those BuzzFeed videos where other couples do that, so you can see from an outsider’s point of view and maybe you’ll learn something from it.
  2. Types of cheating
    • There are many types of cheating, depending on your definition. There are officially two types: Emotional and Physical. Emotional cheating is when you’re disconnected from your relationship and seek out those emotions from someone else. You don’t physically cheat, but possible symptoms are flirting, only telling the other person your problems, or constantly thinking about the other person. Physical cheating is self explanatory.
  3. Intentions/Expectations/Future
    • This can get a bit deep and for most couples, this should come later on in the relationship. But this is just to get an idea of where the relationship is leading to. For me, I want marriage. I expect the guy that I’m dating to want to eventually take our relationship to the next levels and hopefully it’ll lead to matrimony, so I’m very open about it beforehand. Don’t pressure and obviously take it as slow as you want. But having everything out in the open and clarified will help the both of you know what you want from each other.
  4. Needs & wants
    • Everyone has needs and wants that should be satisfied by the other person. It can be emotional, physical, spiritual, etc. Being open about this will help your partner understand you more and vice versa. I suggest that you two should take the language of love test to see what types of behavior resonates love the best for you.
  5. Beliefs & Values
    • Do I need to explain this?
  6. Skeletons in your closet
    • Of course, take your time with this one. But it’s smart to be as open as possible with your partner. It’s also considerate to be honest about yourself and your past, because I mean how rude would it be to have them find out something about you from someone else? If you think about it, your significant other should know more about you than most people outside of the relationship. Plus, if you put yourself in their shoes, if your significant other have the same secrets, wouldn’t you want to know about them? PSA: don’t pressure the other person to spill the beans.

8 Tips You SHOULDN’T Listen To!

Whether did or didn’t ask for it, not all advice is sound. I’m super blessed to have so many people in my life who are super wise and give great advice. Then, there are the few who had their heart in he right place, but I won’t be asking or listening to what they have to say ever again.

  1. Buy expensive, thick winter boots for NYC

This lady at one of my first internships was telling me what she has learned during her first year in NYC. I’m not going to lie, winters here are kind of brutal and wishy-washy… that is if you’re used to 80 degree weather all the time. Some days it snows heavy, then it doesn’t, then it get super warm, and we go back to cold. Winds are mad chilly here. It will burn your face! There are ice on the ground and lots of puddles. But do not do what I did, which is buy Sorel -20 degree snow boots. I’ve never used them and now I have to sell them for super cheap. If you want a winter boot, I highly suggest Timberland boots. But any waterproof shoe will do. I got these Jeffrey Campbell chelsea matte waterproof boots and I’ve worn them in the harshest winter winds and in the snow, so they worked fantastically. You can also just get regular boots. What really makes a difference is the types of socks and stockings you wear.

2. Jump into a Juice Cleanse

I’m a meat eater, like fruits, don’t really like veggies that much, and I’m only satisfied if I eat a full meal. So if you’re like me, then jumping into a juice cleanse is going to be super hard. It’s great to detox the body and try healthier foods, but you need to exercise great self discipline to do a juice cleanse. I’ve heard many failed attempts at this detox because it was too hard for them to just jump into it. The people that actually went through with it either have amazing discipline or they practiced for it. To me, what I’ve learned from health classes and people who have done juice cleanses, you should prepare your body for that absence of a meal. Try eating smaller portions (that pack a huge punch of nutrients) and drinking more fluids. Then, try taking the smaller juice cleanse challenge to see how well you do. OR you can just start eating better and exercising more.

3. BREAK UP! (every time your bf/gf messes up)

Okay this comes with obvious exceptions, but I’m talking about the tiny things. Like, accidentally forgetting your birthday/anniversary, he said something slightly offensive, or has a bad habit. I used to tell my friends to break up with their significant others whenever a problem comes up. But after thinking about it and maturing, I see that most problems are solvable and I shouldn’t be pressuring people to break up. It’s not my relationship and no one wants to listen to that “advice” anyway. To me, I know that no one is perfect and the only way things can get better is if you work at it. If your significant other is willing to work at making themselves better, I don’t see why you should just end it. Granted, you need to practice grace. Rome wasn’t built in a day, honey. So, let’s set some reachable goals and build off on that. If he/she forgot your birthday/anniversary, have him put it in his calendar and put reminders. If he/she said something mean to you in the heat of the moment, have them try to separate themselves from the argument before he/she blurts out something. If they have a problem communicating, have them practice communicating one thing, then build on that. It also helps if you give supportive encouragement or maybe work on a bad habit along side with them.

4. Anything about leaving all the work to God.

Okay, we about to get a little religious here. I have some friends who say things like this and heavily rely on Jesus to give them a sign. I mean, yes, God is graceful enough to give us random signs and blessings. However, I think that you also need to do some work. Pray about it, but don’t sloth around it. It’s like praying for a slimmer body, but you’re still eating bad and not exercising. Know what I’m saying?

5. Bulk up on winter clothes

Don’t. Unless you live in a place that is constantly snowing or just constantly cold. But, don’t. I wish I didn’t listen to my relative’s advice on this, because I would have saved my parents a bunch of money and produce less clothing waste. You only need like two (at the most) good winter/fall jackets. You don’t need 20 sweaters, turtle necks, long sleeve shirts, scarves, pants, thick tights, or thick socks. Luckily, you won’t sweat much in the winter, so you can re-wear some of these things (except the socks). You don’t need to wash pants until you have worn them multiple times and you can wear sweaters a couple of times.

6. Don’t spend much on winter coats

No. You can get great jackets for great deals, but don’t be frugal about a good jacket. As weird as it sounds (sarcasm) you actually want a high quality jacket. Something that will keep you warm, keep for years to come, and won’t break so easily. If you’re on a budget, please save up for a good jacket and pay attention to labels if you’re going to thrift it. Mine is a puffer jacket from Land’s End and was about $100-$130 and I’ve had it for about five years.

7. Don’t go out after 10:00 pm

Stop. Okay, yes, there’s a safety issue here, so it is solid advice. But, if you’re aware of your surroundings, know where you’re going, tell people where you are, avoid sketchy areas, and if you can, go with a friend. In NYC, sometimes things don’t start until 10:00 pm or go on for the whole night. Don’t be super cautious, but be smart about it.

8. Burn your bridges/Get revenge

No. The best way to practice getting burned is to be as graceful as possible and to let it go. It’s much easier said than done, but that’s the way to go. If you think about it, is it more important to get the last “aha” or to be viewed as a mature person that moves on with their life? I suggest that you surround yourself with and seek encouragement from people who believe this philosophy and do a lot of meditation.

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Words of Encouragement

Dear readers,

There comes a time when your moral hits low and you feel like staring at your laptop screen instead of finishing what needs to be done. Especially for students (unless you’re one of the super few), you hit this mood maybe once or twice in a week. It’s a harsh world out there and there aren’t many signs that show hope. I’m in the same boat as well. Sometimes, I question if I’m truly doing my best and using all the resources available to me properly.

Enjoy the little victories in life. That’s the whole point of this blog, is to enjoy the simple things around you! Life may seem bleak, questionable, and scary. But it does have glimpses of beauty that you should maybe spend more time paying attention to.

Breathe. You need to breathe. Our world is going to keep on progressing and moving forward, no matter how unready you are. So, breathe and take the time you need to calm down. Don’t take your time, just make it happen. Go on a walk, have a good cry, a run, a bike ride, eat, take a short nap, and so on. You can’t think well when your mind and emotions are in shambles.

Pray. If you’re religious, like me, just give all your struggles to the Lord. You won’t get an overnight miracle or God might throw you half of one. But for me, I feel much better when I pray for sanity, strength, and a peaceful mind. #jesustakethewheel

Persevere. Even the brightest stars have their bad days. Everyone is susceptible to a slump. This is the chance to build up your perseverance. It makes you grow thicker skin. It makes you humble. It makes you even more driven. But most importantly, it makes you appreciate the little things.

Last but not least, repeat this to yourself: You’re worthy. You have potential. You are alive and going to thrive.

Best of luck to you and comment below if you want more posts like this!


What Grindz I’m Looking Forward To!

Hey guys! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving break! My mom came up from perfect 80 degree weather to the chilly 40 something degrees, so that was fun! I know that we should really take a break from talking about food until maybe December 5th, haha. But I’m so excited to go back home (after I die a little from finals) and I’m most excited to EAT LOCAL GRINDZ!

For those of you who are not familiar with the pidgin lingo (lol like I’m an expert), “grindz” means food. I’m not entirely sure why we say grindz. Probably because when the food is so good, your mouth turns into a grinder and you demolish that food.

Anyway, here is a list of grindz I’m most excited to eat. I’ll have a brief description below the images, because some of you might not know what these things are!

Oh wait, okay so disclaimer! Most of these pics are not mine. I’m pulling them from google. Also, Hawaiian local cuisine (not Hawaiian food (there’s a difference)) is a mix of Hawaiian and Asian food.



So if you didn’t know already, poke is seasoned raw fish chunks. Sounds gross right, but that’s all that it is. It’s simple, healthy, and super yummy if you like seafood. It’s not sushi. It’s poke. It’s best when fresh and on top of rice! The best place for me to get my poke is at Foodland, because no one can beat their quality and $6.99 price.

I found this on google and this is how Shoyu (soy sauce) poke is supposed to look like. Although I love avocado, it’s not supposed to be in poke. That’s a straight up mainland thing. Also, poke started in the islands not California or Seattle. Like, it was a thing for us way back before it became viral, hipsters.

Ube Ice Cream


Shout out to all the Filipinos! So, ube is just another word for purple sweet potato. Ube ice cream is sweet potato mixed with coconut milk, which is as divine as it sounds. Traditionally, it’s the topping on halo halo, a Filipino dessert. I’ve never had halo halo (I know, I’m a terrible person), but I think the ube ice cream would be my most favorite part of it.



If you’re not a foodie and not on the West Coast, Pho is sort of like the Vietnamese version of ramen, but it’s different. The difference is in the noodles, broth, and toppings. I don’t know how to make pho from scratch, but maybe they’re made differently, too. The broth can differ depending on who makes it, but it’s a pretty light and flavorful broth. It can be pretty translucent. Although there are a bunch of toppings you can put in your pho, it’s usually very veggie based. I love putting beef and lots of veggies in my bowl. I love getting pho from Mama Pho in Aina Hina. I’ve only had pho a few times and Mama’s is da best one.

Local Fruits

Excuse the bad quality of these pics. I miss all the fruits back at home, especially the ones I can sample on my dad’s friend’s nursery. It’s super cute and oh my gah so beautiful! And his fruits are all exotic, tropical, and delicious. He’s most known for his pineapples, but he grows a bunch of other things.

The dark pink fruit above is called Pitaya or dragon fruit. It’s not super flavorful and sometimes you luck out and get one that tastes like water. But his were super sweet. Fun fact: dragon fruit grows from a cactus like plant.

The light pink fruit above is guava. It’s not as sweet as you think it is and it’s kind of hard to eat. It has a weird texture, but it makes me feel fresh after eating it.


These are my friends, Deanna, Sarah, and Rylie. The guy in the striped shirt is my dad’s friend who grows all the fruit. Aren’t they cute?! Behind them is a breath taking view of Waiminalo.

Poi Balls

So, I only get these in the summer when I go camping, but these are bomb. They’re so good and sweet. So, poi is mashed up taro, which is a staple starch for the Hawaiians. If you’re really native, you eat that thing raw with two fingers. I’m super Asian American, so I like mine with sugar and fried. Basically, you get the poi and mix in the sugar and mochiko powder to make the batter. Then you get a wok full of oil, scoop up the poi batter, then fry until it’s crispy.

I Heart Nalo’s Tofu Poke Bowls


Ugh, no one can do better tofu poke bowls than I Heart Nalo. This restaurant is so cute and super green. Everything is local, home grown stuff. It’s mostly vegan, I think, and it all tastes super good. I went there once and got this masterpiece above. The seasoning is so prime and the veggies were just fantastic.

Anything from Zippy’s


Zippy’s is like our local In-and-Out or Five Guys. If you grew up in Hawaii, you know exactly what this is. I love Zippy’s. It’s getting expensive, but it’s such a throw back to elementary school days and you know the food is so good.

My favorite thing to get there is the spaghetti and the Zip Pacs. For the locals reading this, remember getting jealous at that one kid who’s mom bought them a Zip Pac for the field trip? Or all those times you went to the beach and ate this on the sand?

Anything from Miki’s

So, there are pictures of this wonderful place and their food, but I’m too lazy to look it up and add onto this post. Miki’s is all the way out in Pearl City (shout out to the West Side) and they are a super late night hole-in-the-wall. They open at 10 pm and close at 3 am.

Another friend of my dad found this place on Yelp and he passed on this local secret onto me. They’re known for their comfort food that come in good portions for a decent price. They have roast beef (which is like tasting Jesus), meatballs, BBQ chicken, and so on. They have a set menu every year, but have different daily specials. It’s the BEST. I highly recommend you trying this place.

Hope you enjoyed this and got super hungry, because I am! HAH! Hope you like or share this post. Please try these places and things if you ever come around the islands. It’s super different from what you’d eat on the mainland, but all of it is super good. Go out of your comfort zone and try everything.


Packing for Thanksgiving Weekend

It’s almost Thanksgiving break!!! YAY! I’m so love this holiday of super good food, stuffing yourself full, hanging out with fam, and sharing what you’re thankful for! I’m especially stoked for Thanksgiving, because my mom is coming to town and we get to meet my cousin’s first child! Lots of things to be thankful for for this upcoming weekend!

Just like last year, I’m hopping on a train to Baltimore, Maryland to spend the weekend with my mom’s oldest sister, my Aunty Gwenn. I don’t mind taking the train, but it’s a kind of a long ride and the WiFi kind of sucks (I’m planning on bringing a book to read). I also hate bringing luggage. Luckily, you’re allowed to bring 2 carry-ons and a personal item, but they have the worst storing facilities if you have a big carry-on.

So, here’s my guide to packing light, so you can keep your carry-on close.

Packing Guide

Always pack versatile outfits. Depending on the duration of the trip, I have a number code. Since, this will be a 4 day and three nights trip, I’m using the 3-2-1 rule. I always pack extra undergarments just in case.

  • 3 tops and bras
  • 2 pants, jackets, and shoes
  • 1 scarf, hat, gloves, and PJ set

Here’s what I’m packing for my make up bag:

  • Shampoo, conditioner, and body soap
  • Tooth brush, tooth paste
  • Stila black eye liner
    • I won’t be buying anymore from this brand
    • Kat von Dee’s eyeliner was a high recommendation
  • Anastasia eyebrow gel in ash brown
    • My everything!
  • Revlon’s Provacalips
    • Long wear and vibrant colors!
  • Face Shop’s rice moisturizer trio set
    • Perfect for winter
    • Toner, emulsion, and cream!
  • Aveno lotion
    • For elbows, arms, and heels!